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February 10, 2012

Lack of Black Barbershops in Australia

“Where can I find a good black barbershop in australia?” is the first question African American people think of when they arrive in Australia .

In Australia there seems to be a mystery as to where black people get they’re hair did.

But many people assume since we are multicultural society there is no need for Black saloons In Australia. But I disagree because mainstream Australia doesnt understand dealing with black hairstyles,textures and colouring.

I grew up in Darwin, north Australia which has always had a dominant black international population compared to other states such as Sydney,Melbourne & Canberra. I found it strange since I grew up with many black people in my hometown there wasn’t any black beauty saloons that catered to women of colour.

This resulted in me ordering haircare products online and doing my own hair or studying hairstyles from magazines.Which is fine after awhile but nothing beats wisdom from a hair stylist who has years of profession.I want to look like Beyonce too !

Changing demographics of Australia in recent years has seen African Americans,Afro Brazilians,Cubans and Afro everything coming to our shores. Many people still believe just because you only seen 3 and half black people in your local town means that you won’t make enough money in a black barbershop in Australia.I can’t disagree more.How many times have I heard blacks say they cannot find a person to to help maintain their dreads?!Or someone who can colour hair that’s suits a dark skin tone or even deal with kinky hair altogether.

I believe Australia has a great market for catering to the Black community but let’s not forget Polynesians and Melanesians would benefit.African American culture heavily influences young Australians particularly Indigenous youths.Id love to go in a saloon and go to a stylist who can give me great advice on haircare and understands black hairstyles.

I aspire to own my own black beauty franchise in Australia someday in the future it’s a dream of mine I want to open the doors for the Black Haircare industry in Oz a little more.