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March 25, 2012

Vote Homeless Bum for Mayor! Tom Green endorsement



February 29, 2012

Aussie Gwap & American Gwap via Instagram


February 27, 2012

My Instagram photography








February 22, 2012

Sexy & I Know it on Australian beach


February 18, 2012

Life & Times of the NT News





February 16, 2012

Seperated at birth Lote & Usher

Lote Tuqiri                           Usher

 Australian rugby player Lote Tuqiri is a splitting image of Usher 

February 15, 2012

Say no to Neo Nazi festival in Australia!!!

The Nazi’s are coming !!!!

This flyer has been posted on White supremacist websites. Hammered is a Neo Nazi music festival is running in its third year.They are planning a concert in Queensland Australia on 21st of April 2012 the day after Hitler’s birthday.Attending will be Australia’s own skinhead moment such as Hammerskins & Blood & Honour Australia.

This festival clearly violates Australia’s human right commission law on violating racial intolerance from a group.

it’s a sad reflection on Australia when even our Federal government and police claim they are powerless to stop this.

I urge Australians to not under estimate this group or look at it as just another music festival.This festival of hate seems to become more of an annual meeting seemingly the White Supremacy may have become more confident in Australia if the government allows this to continue.

This festival if it grows year by year will poison our community and cause tensions within our multicultural community.




February 14, 2012

Cathy Freeman – Greatest Olympic moment in Australia

It was September 2000,Sydney Olympics in Australia.I was sitting around waiting in the lounge room with my mom & brothers extra nervous waiting for my Aunt Cathy to appear on tv.At this time I couldn’t sit down it was nerve racking.Cathy was our last hope for a gold medal in the 200m final that night.The pressure was a lot to think about.

 Cathy appeared on the starting blocks in her famous Green Phantom suit.The energy of the crowd was magical it was a surreal moment.we were just waiting for the gun to go off. BANG! the first seconds it felt the race had moved in slow motion. photographers blindly flashed as competitors came Around down the last 100m down the track.

GOLD!!!!! Oh my god what just happened? She won!!!!!!!! 

I jumped to the ceiling ! Magic !Cathy from a young age dreamt about always winning a gold medal.The social disadvantages of being Aboriginal person in Australia you just never thought in a lifetime a fairy tale win can place a Native woman on the world stage bring out so many emotions in you.When she draped the Aboriginal flag I couldn’t be more prouder. Cathy’s mom & brothers jumping and crying from the stands was amazing. It wasn’t Australia who wanted Cathy to win, but the whole world.To this day I hear native people from around the world tell me how much this moment made them proud for my people. 

February 14, 2012

Where are the black people in Australia?

On a 2011 interview with Chealsea Lately in Sydney, Australia 

Singer Rhianna was shocked by the lack of Black people she saw in Australia.


On tour she never made it to Darwin (north Australia) which has a larger population of black people than any other state in Australia.


A mystery as to where Black actually live in Australia or how many of them live here.As of now whenever you go to places such as Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne you only see a handful of blacks but it is now changed within the last 5 years also take in fact it’s common for Blacks in Australia to move around different states in Australia all the time.




Black Demographic of Australia is:


Aboriginal Australian



Black French 

Black English


South American

African American 




There isn’t a sizeable African American Community but with a US military base set to be in Australia there be more likely be noticeable African Americans in Darwin.


it was estimated around 100,000 African Americans in the military stationed here in Australia during WWII.

African Americans fall under these common categories in Australia:

US Military members 

Gospel Church singers 

NBL Basketball 

Travelling musicians 

Married to Australian citizens 





Hispanics are estimated to be around 130,000 living in Australia.


The Chilean community is the largest Hispanic Latino minority in Australia, followed by El Salvadorians then Brazilians.



People may be surprised to hear there are Native Americans in Australia around 2,000 with a rough estimate of 500 in Queensland.










February 13, 2012

1968 Olympics Black Salute – Inspirational Movie