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February 14, 2012

Cathy Freeman – Greatest Olympic moment in Australia

It was September 2000,Sydney Olympics in Australia.I was sitting around waiting in the lounge room with my mom & brothers extra nervous waiting for my Aunt Cathy to appear on tv.At this time I couldn’t sit down it was nerve racking.Cathy was our last hope for a gold medal in the 200m final that night.The pressure was a lot to think about.

 Cathy appeared on the starting blocks in her famous Green Phantom suit.The energy of the crowd was magical it was a surreal moment.we were just waiting for the gun to go off. BANG! the first seconds it felt the race had moved in slow motion. photographers blindly flashed as competitors came Around down the last 100m down the track.

GOLD!!!!! Oh my god what just happened? She won!!!!!!!! 

I jumped to the ceiling ! Magic !Cathy from a young age dreamt about always winning a gold medal.The social disadvantages of being Aboriginal person in Australia you just never thought in a lifetime a fairy tale win can place a Native woman on the world stage bring out so many emotions in you.When she draped the Aboriginal flag I couldn’t be more prouder. Cathy’s mom & brothers jumping and crying from the stands was amazing. It wasn’t Australia who wanted Cathy to win, but the whole world.To this day I hear native people from around the world tell me how much this moment made them proud for my people.