Joseph Kony 2012

Can social media bring down a war lord?



By now you heard of Joseph Kony, thanks to this powerful & emotive 30 minute YouTube clip.I went to go get a sandwich came back and by now it’s hit 19 million viewers from the last 2 million I remember few hours ago.(I’m predicting 45 million views by end of the month)

In a way i feel as if we maybe witnessing history in the making right this moment. This video is awakening youth activism by the masses. Could this video be a first of its kind? I believe so. Does it have the potential to change Africa’s corrupt government system? I’m not sure but it’s all about awareness end of the day.

A good arguments against this video is that people have already been aware of these atrocities in Uganda for years now but and it didn’t receive the same exposure.But goes to show the coming of age for YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.

I haven’t made final conclusions myself yet but I’m interested how it all plays out in the end.

Fall out boy – me and you by ya_video



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