Say no to Neo Nazi festival in Australia!!!

The Nazi’s are coming !!!!

This flyer has been posted on White supremacist websites. Hammered is a Neo Nazi music festival is running in its third year.They are planning a concert in Queensland Australia on 21st of April 2012 the day after Hitler’s birthday.Attending will be Australia’s own skinhead moment such as Hammerskins & Blood & Honour Australia.

This festival clearly violates Australia’s human right commission law on violating racial intolerance from a group.

it’s a sad reflection on Australia when even our Federal government and police claim they are powerless to stop this.

I urge Australians to not under estimate this group or look at it as just another music festival.This festival of hate seems to become more of an annual meeting seemingly the White Supremacy may have become more confident in Australia if the government allows this to continue.

This festival if it grows year by year will poison our community and cause tensions within our multicultural community.





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