April 1, 2012

Wackest Yahoo Answers -Cultural Insensitivity Edition

You think in this day and age of Google and exposure to variety of cultures in daily life








April 1, 2012

Tupac – Alive in New Zealand Hoax


March 26, 2012

Mirrorbook Air beauty accessory

I bought this cute little mirror from Hong Kong.Its a mirror in a Apple Mac Air case fits easily in the purse.


March 26, 2012

Punch Perms ( Japanese Afros) Only in Japan

A punch perm (パンチパーマ panchi pāma?) is a type of tightly permed male hairstyle in Japan that was popular among yakuza (mafia), chinpira (low-level mafia), bōsōzoku (motorcycle gang members), truck drivers, construction workers, and enka singers, from the 1960s till the mid-1990s. This hair style probably got its name from “needle punch carpeting”, a type of floor covering with a short and tightly curled nap.

The punch perm began to fall out of usage as a result of its general association with the yakuza, as well as normal fashion trends.


A variation of the punch perm that is worn primarily by bōsōzoku is called “aippa”: both sides of the forehead are shaved to create a cross between widow’s peak, an afro, and an exaggerated sculpted early 1960s pompadour.

Another variant is the “iron perm”. While a punch perm is created with rollers and chemicals, an iron perm is created with a heated curling iron. This hair style often involves singeing the hair.[citation needed]





March 25, 2012

Vote Homeless Bum for Mayor! Tom Green endorsement



March 16, 2012

IPad Art -Musicians 🎵









March 16, 2012

Michael Jackson comic strip

Smooth Criminal


March 16, 2012

Michael Jordan haircut 🏀



March 16, 2012

Kindergarten Cop favourite part



March 16, 2012

Nicki Minaj – Starships Video shoot

Poly men representing Hawaii with Miss Minaj